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Calendar of Events


Here's where Chris can be found.  Catch him before he disappears!



4/21/22 Mental Magic Cabaret Show Circa Hotel and Resort, Las Vegas
4/25/22 Family Magic Buckley AFB, Colorado
5/14/22 Private Event Estes Park, CO
5/22/22 Comedy Magic and Mentalism Billings, MT
5/30/22 Memorial Day Show Colorado Springs, CO
6/7/22 Comedy Magic and Mentalism Ft. Collins, CO
6/9/22 RM Investigator Conference Lakewood, CO
6/22/22 Comedy Magic and Mentalism Best Company
6/24/22 PASCO Summer Fair Westminster, CO
7/2/22-7/5/22 Private Event - Family Magic AFR, Centennial, CO
7/9/22 Illusion Show Circa Hotel and Resort, Las Vegal
8/3/22 Comedy Magic and Mentalism SPARKS Assoc, Dallas, TX
8/9/22 Magician Lecture Los Angeles, CA
9/3/22 USO Show Nellis AFB