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Doctor Nincompoop®

Doctor Nincompoop®

Doctor NincompoopHe is a proven and exciting character to draw attention to your event, or just to be hanging around with your clients.  His magical abilities can be added to one of Chris's magic performances or part of any theatrical performance.  Do you have someone in the hospital who needs cheering up?  This Doctor makes house calls!!


Doctor Nincompoop's® Biography

We are very proud to introduce our very special guest who joins us direct from Vienna...Sausage where he was recently bestowed the esteem designation as one of the Missing Links.  Few are aware that this brilliant sixty-year-old reads at an eighty-eight year old reading level.  When asked about his IQ and his good looks, he replies, "I'm a definite 10!"  This luminary holds extremely advanced degrees in archeology, ideology, mineralogy, entomology, zoology, numerology, oly-oly-ology and as you can see, cosmetology.   Doctor Rufas J. Nincompoop has been listed and published in, "Who's THAT and What's That."

Doctor Nincompoop® is Perfect for -

  • Drop-ins at parties

  • Add-on to a magic show

  • Hospital Visits

  • Theatrical Performances

  • Comedy Keynote Speaker

  • And he does MAGIC!

Dr. Nincompoop Sign

Dr. Nincompoop Autograph