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Magical Workshops and Seminars

Putting a Little Magic in Your LifeRingus Dingus

There has always been a need for new and exciting educational programs. These courses were designed for conventions & seminars as workshops, school teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, youth pastors, and other educators. Magicians can also benefit by adding educational messaging to enhance their existing programs.  Participants can learn how to work with different types of audiences, audience warm-ups, magic techniques and theories, how to perform magic, and ways to include magic in your presentations. Magic organizations and resources are also provided.

The following workshops can be arranged (No magic experience is necessary!)

Putting a Little Magic in Your Life and Business


 You've got a great product or service. But potential clients and customers aren't hearing your important message. You're an interesting person. But for some reason, you go unnoticed. You're worried about your upcoming presentation when you should be focused on the people around you. You'd like to mingle with the group but sense that you're not part of the in-crowd.


Now you can stand out from the crowd in a totally unique way simply by adding a little magic to your life and business! Use magic, puzzles, business card deceptions and more to engage clients, make new friends, spark conversation and get your message across. Master magician Christopher Manos introduces you to dozens of proven, time-tested and truly effective secrets that will work for you in any situation -- whether it's personal or business. Use this important guide to showcase your talents using unique magical methods. Your spectators will be amazed at your abilities and you'll be pleased at how seamlessly you've become a significant part of the group.


The Secret Behind The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Series 

Hardy Boys 

Originally designed for the cruise industry's education/seminars at sea type programs, Chris shares a few stories of his encounter with the author of the Hardy Boy's series many years ago.  As a child, Chris found his love of reading through these series and other children's fiction created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate.  This inspired Chris to really dig into the secrets of the success of the series millions of children loved so much.  


Whomp! Putting a Little Magic in Your Presentations  (An Enhanced Workshop on Creativity)  

If you are looking for a way to put a little sparkle of magic into your presentations, this one-day, 8 session workshop is for you.  Not only will you learn some very cool magic tricks, you will actually create the patter (or story) for your area of expertise.  A professional magic kit is included in the registration fee. 

Pick Pockets

Con Games and Fraud Schemes.  (Con Games can be really fun!)  

Chris has taken material from his three-day intense workshop on Con Games and created shorter programs emphasizing the highlights of his successful shows.  Liven up your annual conferences and seminars with these exciting programs.  These are so popular, that workshop rooms ALWAYS are filled to capacity, and Chris is asked to conduct an additional workshop to handle the turnaways.  

The Magical Art of the Con: (1.5 Hours) Suggested Audience:  Corporate Workshop, Meetings, Seminars, Library Programs, Conferences and Conventions. See master magician Christopher Manos in his award-winning presentation, The Magical Art of the Con.  Watch as your $100 bill turns into a $1 bill, be puzzled as Chris reads your mind, relax as Chris helps you to discover your own magical powers!  We are all subject to the deception and tricks of the con artist.  Using magical effects as a catalyst, attendees are introduced to many of the common cons and fraud schemes used in the past and the present.  Topics that are covered include:  Contest cons, Carnivals, Street Workers, Gypsies, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Gambling, and more!  Many of these common cons are easily recognizable, but somehow we all fall for them.  Audience participation is a must in this fun-filled and entertaining presentation.  

The Magical Art of the Con - Rip-Off (1-1.5 Hours) Suggested Audience:  Meetings, Ice-breakers, Family gatherings, Workshops, Conferences and Conventions Fasten your seat belts as you get taken for a ride with master magician Christopher Manos in his award-winning presentation, “Rip-Off”.  Similar to the Magical Art of the Con experience, this program is strictly entertainment.  Watch Chris as he begins taking money from the group - and as he reluctantly and eventually returns it!  See your $100 bill transform into a $1 bill, be puzzled as Chris reads your mind, relax as Chris helps you to discover your inner magical powers!  There’s a bit of mentalism, street cons, gambling, carnival games and more!  You’ll also be treated to Chris’s entertaining cups and balls routine.  This is perfect for family gatherings, corporate functions, and meetings.   Audience participation is a must in this fun-filled and entertaining presentation.  


Specialty Programs -

  • Using Magic in Child Safety Programs

  • Using Magic in Drug and Alcohol Prevention Programs

  • Using Magic and Puppetry in School Safety Shows

  • Using Magic as an Educational tool