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Chris is taking requests for his lecture for magic clubs and magicians entitled, Magical Things I Really Do Do Too!  The lecture is a compilation of  Chris's favorite and successful magical effects.  Also on this page is Magical Things I Really Do Do!  Chris's alternate lecture from 2011-2012 which is still being offered. 


Magical Things I Really Do Do Too!

37 years of Chris Manos’s Favorite Time-Tested Magical Effects

A Lecture for Magicians - Part 2

Chris’s Lecture Includes (Subject to time constraints):  The Thought Transmitter (An accidental USAF experiment that became a hit at the Denver Playboy Club and continues through today!), Three Card Match (The trick that fooled Dai Vernon), Numbo-Jumbo (A stack of 85 cards containing random 2 and 4 digit numbers is apparently memorized), The Binary Box (Light the light – even rocket scientists could not figure it out!), Kryptonite! (Anyone can be a superhero and save the day!), Laundry Quandary (Where did the missing sock go?), Comedy Birthday Cake Production Routine (The funniest and most memorable part of any kids birthday party.), Dazzling Divination! (A pocket mentalism effect that is always ready to go. If you do safety magic, here’s a strong effect that packs real small.) and Sweet Sixteen (A great commercial effect that really gets your customer’s message across.)

Included in his latest book is a bonus chapter entitled; Putting a Little Magic in your Life and Business.  A book in itself!  Not just for magicians, but for anyone who wants to add a little magic to their life, and stand out amongst the crowd.  Learn ways to get known and not forgotten! By setting up your magical reputation, your business card won’t be stuck in the middle of a pile – YOU can control it to the top! 

Click here for a PDF flyer for Magical Things I Really Do Do Too!

Magical Things I Really Do Do!

35 years of Chris Manos’s Favorite Time-Tested Magical Effects

A Lecture for Magicians - Part 1

Chris's Lecture Includes (Subject to time constraints):  Chris’s Endless Chain Routine (Chris sells the perfect chain for the Endless Chain Routine), Sleightly Easy Miser’s Dream Routine (Anyone can do the Miser’s Dream Routine without coin sleights), Wipe Out (An incredible prediction that started with an Etch-a-Sketch), Vegas 21 (Oh, so simple and so devious), Naughty Duck (This duck has been naughty since working the Denver Playboy Club in 1975 – He promises to clean up his act during the lecture), The Choice is Mine: Dicey 1, 2, 3 (A very cool pocket prediction effect) Rub-a-Dub-Dub (If you can memorize this poem, you can do the cups and balls), Thumb Twister Illusion (Fire up your audience in less than two minutes!), Magic Means Money! (Negotiate your six-figure contract), Block Off Cord Escape (Remember the 1939 World’s Fair in New York?), A Swinging Prediction (An October favorite), Crooked Dice (Strong funny magic about con games), Foreign Money Exchange (Did you ever travel to another country and feel a bit out of place?), Illusion Card Box (Knock their socks off with this one AND maybe their shorts too!), Fred and Other Fellows (Fred has kept Chris in business for 35 years) , Comedy Mini Wallet Gags, and more!

Chris will share stories about Las Vegas , Doug Henning and some of the most amazing things that have happened to him in his world travels.

Click here for a PDF flyer for Magical Things I Really Do Do!

Comments on the Lecture -

GREAT lecture, Chris!  My email has been bombarded with feedback, all begging me to book you for "Part II." Many thanks for providing us with such a memorable afternoon!   Best regards, Evan Shuster, Lecture Coordinator,  IBM Ring #339

"We enjoyed Chris's fast-paced and informative lecture."  IBM Ring 250

“Chris Manos does a great lecture. There is really something for everyone...close-up, stand-up, comedy, mentalism and magic for kids. It is all very practical magic for the working performer with no difficult sleight of hand required. He presents the material in a friendly, easy going manner that makes it simple for everyone to learn it, yet provides the details that make it clear that he has been really using this stuff for years. Plus his Doug Henning stories were such a treat. I'd recommend him to any group who is looking for a lecture that will please all of their members.” -  Marc DeSouza

"Again, let me say that we thoroughly enjoyed the lecture, last night."  Bruce Spangler

"Thank you so much for your interesting lecture today. It's wonderful to see how ordinary ”tricks“ can be turned into completely different tricks and moved up a notch (or five) by adding a little element of extra magic to them. Great show!  Your ideas about adding magic to safety and prevention program is brilliant!" Gunnar Kr. Sigurjonsson, IBM Ring 371, Iceland

"I just wanted to thank you for coming to Salt Lake and providing such an entertaining lecture. Finally a magic square with a presentation attached to it that doesn't result in boredom before the end. Fantastic! Can't wait to dig into your lecture notes and read more."   Michelangelo

"In summary, Magical Things I Really Do Do! contains well-written descriptions of very doable routines that can fit into many performing styles.  If you want to add some solid routines to your kit bag, this set of notes is a good place to start."  Rucj Uffelman, June 2011 Linking Ring, Hocus in Focus book review.

"If you want commercial magic that gets the money, you have come to the right place."  Norman Beck, March 2011 MUM, Informed Opinion book review.

"Chris Manos visited our IBM Ring and taught and demonstrated a host of wonderful and practical feats of legerdemain suitable for close-up or platform. We were thrilled with his visit and our members huddled around him after his lecture to see up close and purchase many of the items he brought with him. His lecture certainly went a long way towards making better magicians of us all. He is a clever, creative and friendly individual and we recommend Chris to any magic club looking for a great lecture."  Al Lampkin, President IBM Ring 193, Salt Lake City

"In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that Chris Manos is a longtime and good friend. Having said that, I can also tell you that he has put together a first-rate lecture.  It's amazing how much he's been able to include in his notes and in his presentation. You won't find just tricks, routines and patter, although those are there -- all audience-tested, audience-approved and ready to go (in some cases, with a little practice) into your stand-up or close-up act. These are effects you'll use because you'll know they entertain. In addition to the spins he's put on the tricks you'll see, Chris also spins some great stories. For example, you'll enjoy listening to him talk about his friendship and experiences with the late Doug Henning. In a word (okay, maybe three) Chris Manos's lecture is educational, entertaining and enjoyable." Lindsay Smith, I.B.M. Territorial VP, Colorado-Wyoming

“Christopher came to Bergen to do a small lecture.  I disagree because the lecture was very big in my life. I studied cards and coins magic for 5 years and Christopher’s magic for 5 minutes.  I only auditioned 2 of his effects and now I am working a 1 year contract with a major cruise line.” Mårten Otterbjörk, Kronstad, Norway   

Chris's down-to-earth lecture is chock full of useful material and routines appropriate for the beginner to the advanced magician.Mark Weidhaas, President (2010/11), Society of American Magicians

Chris Manos' lecture was a big hit in San Antonio! Chris performs strong, commercial magic that is within the grasp of everyone. His focus is not on difficult sleights, but rather practical magic for both close-up and parlor. His "Magical Things I Really Do Do!" can very easily be the magical things that you really do do! His lecture is a must see; if he is coming to your area, you definitely don't want to miss it. I highly recommend Chris Manos' lecture!!  Michael Tallon, Lecture Coordinator, San Antonio, Texas